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Have you ever wanted to take advantage of  the inbuilt features that WordPress offers like:

  • rss
  • pinging
  • search engine love?
Ever wished that you could quickly and easily change the appearance and functionality of your html site by using
  • the multitude of plugins available; and
  • gorgeous WordPress themes
Are you sick and tired of  paying web developers and designers to
  • add scripts and functions
  • customize your template
  • add social media integration
to your static html site.
Problem is…. how do you convert your tired old html sites to WordPress sites?
If the thought of converting your site makes you quake in your shoes and you are worried that this is something only specialist web techie people can do then read on… will be surprised. The simple non techie way of  converting your site is just to copy and paste information from your old site to your new WordPress install (even if you don’t know  how to install WordPress you could pay someone on Fiverr to do that for you!).    Of course, if you had a big site ….copying and pasting may take up a LOT of your time and let’s face it – it would be pretty boring (yawn)!  But even if  you chose that route you would still have problems redirecting your old links to your new pages. Now this method might suit some people but to me this all involves too much WORK!

“I’m going to chime in with my recommendation too. I bought this the minute it was available. (I’m on Leanne’s buyer’s list because I like to buy whatever she offers.) There are other ways of converting html sites to WordPress, and I’ve tried a couple. They do work. But… Leanne can show you a way to convert that doesn’t include cut and paste. It makes a lot more sense, and is much less clunky.

Quite simply, this is a woman who knows her stuff. If I ever have a WordPress question, Leanne is my go-to person. You can learn more just visiting her blog than you’ll learn in a lot of WordPress tutorials.”

Teresa Miller,

Then I started to  do some real thinking … I get emails all the time from people asking me to convert their html sites to WordPress. I was using a method of converting sites that was a little bit hit and miss (sometimes it worked – sometimes it didn’t!) at the time. I got so many emails that I decided to outsource some of the work.

I was shocked!
The quotes that I received for converting an existing html site to WordPress ranged from $600.00 to $1500.00. A quick search of Google told me that I wasn’t the only one looking for this service either.
That’s when I made the decision
Anyone that knows me, knows I like things that are automated and easy to use.    I knew there had to be an easier way of converting an existing html site to a WordPress site from what I was doing….without copying and pasting and super fast.

“I purchased this already, Leanne’s the true WP Queen, and if you see her selling anything about WordPress, pick it up without even questioning it.”
I knew there had to be a way that to convert an existing static html site to WordPress that:
  • used automation tools
  • was simple to use
  • got the job done fast; and
  • didn’t require techie geeks
So, after trying a number of different methods and tools  I found a way to quickly convert an existing html site to WordPress. First of all I tested it with small sites ……. and it worked great! Then, I dived in, and  tested it with sites that have up to 2000 pages…..  and it all worked beautifully and it was SUPER FAST!
Now, I’m sharing my method with you
You can quickly turn your existing static sites into WordPress machines quickly and easily and using free resources
“I am so happy to see this finally released! The detail in the videos and PDFs is unbelievable. Leanne goes through this STEP BY STEP! There is no room for error. I came late to the WordPress party, and like many people, have lots of sites that are HTML, but would do so much better and would be so much easier to maintain if they were WordPress sites instead. This is the answer! Leanne, I cannot believe you are discounting this so low. You have WAY over-delivered on this. Thanks! This is fantastic!
Ed Akehurst,

You could even turn this into a business of its own and charge people for this service!    There are people that are desperate for this service and YOU could be their answer!
“I had this weblog from years back. It wasn’t in html, actually it was in another blog format, and I’ve been wanting to put it into wordpress like all my other sites, but didn’t want to cut and paste 500 blog posts. I’ve been putting it off for the last 4-5 years. And the quotes for conversion I got on Elance were more than I wanted to pay. So there it sat. No pretty theme, no wordpress. Bummer. Thank you Leanne! Bought your package, did what you said, and in a tiny part of an evening had read the existing blog in (*as if* it were html), and had all the blog posts into wordpress, just as I wanted. Now all I gotta do is decide on a theme. A real pretty one … hmmm ..”
Arthur Cronos,
Here’s what I’ve got
When you purchase today you will receive
  • my six part video series on how to convert html sites to WordPress using free resources
  • a bonus 5 part video series on how to siphon content from a html site and convert it to WordPress
  • my fast action checklist to get you converting your sites quickly (great for outsourcers to use)
  • my “how to” guide to assist you configuring one of the WordPress plugins that you will use
  • Personal Use Rights to this product

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P.S.  There’s nothing stopping you now from building your own WordPress empire or even starting your own HTML to WordPress conversion service!